Community Solutions

Begun more than 80 years ago by Arthur Morgan (of TVA and Antioch College fame) as Community Service, The Arthur Morgan Institute for Community Solutions today is focused on climate change and Peak Oil. They are committed to a pragmatic approach to sharp reductions in CO2 emissions, focusing on transportation, housing and food. Not succumbing to doom and gloom, they are also optimistic that we can dramatically change our lifestyles and gain greater satisfaction.

They also see small communities such as Yellow Springs, Ohio where they are located, as offering great advantages for a post-carbon world.

Bridge developed the new identity for Community Solutions, and has provided design and strategy support for six years. Our engagement includes the organization's websites and blog, their newsletter, informational posters, direct mail, email campaigns, conference promotions and materials, signage, book design, presentations, and informational graphics.

Best of all, since they are close by, we can ride our bikes to meetings!

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