Logotypes, Identity and Branding

When we started out professionally, "identity" or "corporate identity" were the key phrases used. Now we've morphed into "branding." Whatever you want to call it, we've always approached it from that wholistic viewpoint, considering all the points of intersection between our clients and their publics.

This is why we've always been most interested in being involved not for just a project, but over time, helping to bring vitality and life to the identity or brand.

The logotypes shown here are the cornerstone of the identity effort. As per our definition of what makes a "good" logotype, they are simple and memorable, and are able to be reproduced in a wide range of sizes and applications. And they communicate, either directly by their visual content, or indirectly by their unique qualities, some key aspect of the company or organization they represent.

You can see many of them in use on other pages in our portfolio.

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